Mirabelle is a character who appears in H7V: His 7 Valkyries. She first appears as notorious crime boss Red Dwarf, the antagonist of the series.

Description Edit

Physical appearance Edit

When she's not in her suit, she is a human with dark red hair and blue eyes.

Persona Edit

likes: humans, multilingual people, intelligence, bravery or courage, pragmatism and realistic views, fancy clothes, sarcasm

dislikes: aliens, spoiled people, brutes, cowards

Background Edit

Mirabelle was born in Paris. She is the only child of Charles and Amia Stark, both of who were engineers and scientists. she lived an on and off rough childhood always hating the constant moving. but then at 16 after skipping grades several times she was enrolled to some very prestigious places around the world she'd spend 2 years doing so

but as a 18 year old, her family moved to the United States, where her parents became engineers at NASA. this was exciting she was always fascinated with space enthralled to what might be out there but then her parents went missing on her 20th birthday gone who knows where. months went by still no answer but soon she stumbled upon an answer they left in their research